I have been a wood turner the past 15 years. Starting with pen and pencil sets then eventually turning beautiful vases with several hundred pieces of wood. I have participated in many Street Fairs, Art shows and Farmers Markets with great success. Being an avid pool player I decided to design a miniature cue stick that was attached to different beads and a leather chalk holder. So the " Little Cue" pocket chalker was born. Over the last few years I have made many different types of little cues with different exotic woods and inlays. In August 2016 I participated in the APA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas. I realized it was time to take it to the pool players themselves. The response was nothing short of amazing. Interest and sales were great and compliments were never ending. The most asked question was "Do you have a web site? Well at the time I didn't, but I do now. Hopefully I can reach out to many pool players and they can have one of their own "Little Cue" pocket chalker. They are all one of a kind.

Thanks .
Jaye Johnson